Our Goals

According to our belief Hungarian political culture must be renewed. The regime change in 1989 provided an opportunity for a blissful and successful future. By the end of 2010s however, Hungary remained in the 20 th century, with respect to development and technological innovation, lagging behind modern countries. It became a country where neither those people will be successful who are talented, nor those who work really hard to achieve their goals. Instead of them those people are fortunate who choose to serve the ruling political elite. Hungarian people lost their hope in politics and politicians, become disinterested in public issues, and do not get involved in the process of finding solution for problems that affect their daily life.

The main aim of the Indítsuk Be Magyarországot Foundation, founded by Momentum Movement, is to actively contribute to the creation of a modern, innovative democracy, which is able to use the solutions of the 21 st century and where we all proactively work together for a successful Hungary. Our dream is to live in a country which plays a leading role in the scientific sphere, decent livelihood is guaranteed to all citizens and public issues are not unnecessary burdens but part of the daily life. 
This vision however is only achievable through the continuous development of the political culture.

For the operation of a modern and democratic state conscious citizens are needed. Therefore in its activities, the Indítsuk Be Magyarországot Foundation puts particular emphasis on civic education and knowledge sharing by supporting education programs, organising conferences and distributing books and publications. Highly supported areas of activity are scientific researches, innovation and technological development and propagation of basic civic knowledge. In order to achieve our goals, we cooperate with individuals, civil organisations and other foundations which share our beliefs and values.


We believe it is possible to turn our country into a modern state.
Let us make a difference in Hungary!


Indítsuk be Magyarországot!  



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